5 Legit Reasons Why Side Chicks Are Winning Right Now

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Everyone is saying that side chicks are winning right now. No, I’d never endorse someone to be the other woman because well …cheating is never good. But who the hell am I to not see what looks like a win for those who are willing to settle for less? Not my cup of tea, but I digress.

Whether we like it or not, someone is always willing to fill the position of side chick. Here are 5 reasons why they’re winning right now.

1)They don’t nag.

Side chicks play their role and they play it well. They don’t have time to bitch about a dude not taking out the trash, because they honestly don’t give a f***. All they’re concerned with is whether or not buddy is gonna slide through and give them what they need: i.e. sex, conversation or a few bucks for some bills.

2) DTF.

Rarely will a side chick say no to sex. Usually, you have to make arrangements to see them, so a certain level of expectation always comes with planning. There are no excuses like being too tired or having a headache, mostly because she doesn’t have to deal with your ass day in or day out. 

3) Ms. Independent.

A wife might expect certain things of her husband and rightfully so. But when it comes to side chicks, the more independent, the better. Tire change? Nah. Attend a family function. She’s good. You basically get all the perks with minimal obligation. 

4) She’s usually cool and laid back.

Uptight, needy and suffocating women need not apply. A side chick knows her primary role is to de-stress her man. That’s how she gets what she wants out of the arrangement, after all. She will not risk her bread and butter by causing a fuss. In order to make it about her, she’s willing to make it about him.

5) She’s sexually explorative.

Most times, a side chick is willing to take sex to a level that is much higher than a man’s wife or current girlfriend. She prides herself on offering him something new and exciting in the bedroom. It’s like a gold star of sorts. Just sayin.’

Side chicks are hated by many, but we just can’t deny them. Men like low stress partners so to the man who isn’t particularly good at dealing with stress, a side chick is his outlet. Sometimes things happen but if you can help it, opt out of taking someone else’s guy. 

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