Former Boyz II Men Member Finally Spills The Tea On Why He Left The Group

Former Boyz II Men Member Finally Spills The Tea On Why He Left The Group

Back in the day just about everybody was bumping the Cooleyhighharmoney album by Boyz II Men. The ladies thought the group was dope with their preppy Carlton Banks outfits, slick dance moves and sexy voices to match, and the fellas liked to serenade their women to the groups' slow jams. Ever wonder what happened to the brother with the deep sexy voice?

Michael “Bass” McCary (far right) chucked up the deuces and bounced from the group back in ’03. He recently appeared on the show “Iyanla: Fix My Life” this month to set some things straight about why he left in the first place.

Mike publicly let the world know that 16-years-ago he had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which affects his brain and spinal cord. Now it all make sense why sometimes he was seen in videos and at concerts with a cane. This was the first time he's ever opened up his mouth to anyone—not even his own family including his ex-wife or his ex band members knew about his condition.

Watch Mike finally gives us the the tea on "Iyanla: Fix My Life"

In a one-on-one sit down with Iyanla he told her he kept it on the sly from his wife and his Boyz II Men crew, because he was battling depression and starting having trust issues. He ended up leaving his wife 7-years-ago and hasn't even seen his kids since; just another deadbeat daddy to add to the list.

So basically  the main reason he peaced out on the group was, because of all the pain and doctor visits due to having MS. What’s really interesting is that last month, Wanya Morris was on on "Oprah: Where Are They Now," and told her that Mike's health problems were just back issues that he never got fixed which led to him leaving the group. 

Well now the entire world knows the real deal. Maybe now that it is all out in the open McCary and the rest of the guys in Boyz II Men can finally sit down, and hash all of this it out like grown men and we can get the official reunion tour we always wanted. Thanks Mike for finally keeping it 100 with yourself and with us, now go call Wanya.

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